Hello World!  Welcome to my first ever blog!  My name is Charles M Salguero and I’m a 9 year old lad.   The main influence of this blog is to get me away from using my electronics to watch “dumb” gaming videos on Youtube.  Also, I kinda wanted to begin this after I watched “Harriet the Spy, Blog Wars” .   I own 2 dogs, one is a grumpy English Bulldog named Watson and the other’s a very energetic Malti-Poo named Finley.  They are both 12, but they have very few illnesses, which I consider lucky.   Watson enjoys playing soccer out in the yard, battling for the ball, while Finley does numerous laps around the nearly dead grass, in the middle of his own mini gym class.  I also have a 2 year old Bearded Dragon lizard named Robin.  He dislikes loud noises, he has sensitive hearing.  He loves it when he is on my chest.  He is the best lizard ever. My younger sister Eliza on the other hand is quite a handful.  All she ever wants to play is Barbies, where she spends most of her time doing the Barbies hair.  But she also is a warrior.  If someone tells her what to do, she’ll probably punch them in the nose and leave it bleeding.  Honestly, I believe she should attend a boxing lesson, she’d be great at it!  She admires soccer and plays 24/7, that’s the only sport she’ll play!  I have a very peculiar fondness for reading.  I typically read books from 6th grade up to 10th grade.  Right now I am in love with the Harry Potter Series, I just concluded the fourth book.  I play baseball a lot, for it’s my favorite sport.  I’m a pitcher and a shortstop and my all-time favorite teams are the Red Sox and the Angels.  Boo Yankees!  I think I’ll wrap it up from here.  Thank you so much for reading this blog.  Good-bye!


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