Hello everyone!  Guess what today is…my mom and dad’s 11th anniversary!  I love you both Mommy and Daddy!  Now, I want to talk about dinosaurs.  Dinosaurs are extraordinary creatures!  My favorite dinosaur is Brontosaurus because it didn’t harm any other creature, except maybe the pale worms hiding in the frizzy bushes.  A person that studies dinosaurs is called a paleontologist, which in my opinion is a pretty neat job.  The Brontosaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs ever, was actually an herbivore, a plant eater.  I am really starting to adore dinosaurs, they are the cutest extinct creature I have ever seen!  What is your favorite dinosaur?  Now, my daily book rating.  The first book I will be rating is the Land of Stories series.  On a scale of one to ten, it is about a 9.  It is a very good series and I highly advise you read it.  I hope everybody had a marvelous day!  Good-bye!

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