Hi!  Welcome back to my blog!  Today, I will be discussing presidents, my favorite topic ever!  Now, I don’t want to talk about Donald Trump in this blog because he might lay his eyes on it and begin a Twitter madness!  Did you know I sent Barack Obama a letter and he responded?!  It was surreal, a U.S president talking to a young child who wants to be just like him!  My least favorite president (not including you-know-who) is James Buchanan.  He was a lazy man who spent his free time ordering his servants to make a strawberry and banana smoothie for him on his sofa!  My three all-time favorite presidents are Abraham Lincoln with his famous top-hat, Barack Obama with the kind grin, and Theodore Roosevelt with his prominent spectacles.  I like Abraham Lincoln because he helped free slaves.  I like Barack Obama because he was the first African American to serve in office and tried to give everybody health care.   I also like Theodore Roosevelt because he loves animals so much, just like me.  I really hope to be president when I’m 35 years old.  Welcome to our book review!  The book series I will be reviewing today will be the Goodnight Books.  The Goodnight Books are a series that tells you about different states in the U.S.  I remember them from my childhood and I loved them.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it is definitely a 10.  I love them because I enjoy reading about all the states.  I advise them for toddlers, though.  Thank you so much for reading my blog!  I’ll see you tomorrow!  Bye!

8 thoughts on “PRESIDENTS!

  1. Looking forward for tomorrow’s book Adventure ❤️❤️.. One of my favorite presidents has been Obama too..


  2. Charlie!!, You are an amazing writer! And wise beyond your years. I bet if you continue to study, you CAN become President!!. Never give up on your dream. It may get rough and tough sometimes, but always know you have a mommy & daddy that love you, are supportive, and are very proud of you!! I wish you luck with your blog, and I look forward to reading more about our country and past Presidents!! Kudos to you, Charlie.


  3. Looking forward to hearing about the goodnight books and in particular the book about New York! Will be reading! Nice job Charlie!


  4. Keep up the good work, Charles! We love reading your blog each day. It entertains us and warms our hearts. We are looking forward to the next edition!


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