Hello folks!  Welcome back to my blog!  I love both the Red Sox and the Angels, but I don’t know which one I prefer.  I went to the Angels vs Dodgers game tonight with my Double A baseball team.  My next door neighbor who was also on my team, Evan, kept on trash talking the Angels and I got so annoyed.  Why does he dislike the Angels so much?  Many of my relatives love the Red Sox, which is where I got my love for this fantastic baseball team.  They are 1st place in the American League!  I hope they make it to the World Series!  Time for my book review!  The book I will be reviewing tonight is Word of Mouse.  Word of Mouse is a book about a mouse who gets lost and attempts to find his family again with the help of a young girl and another mouse family.  I give it a 10.  I loved it and I hope you read it also.  I hope everybody had a great day!  Bye everyone!

3 thoughts on “RED SOX VS ANGELS

  1. Glad you guys had fun at the game. Sounds like a great way to celebrate your season! The McCrackens are Red Sox fans but I’m glad to see you are supporting your home team too.

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