Hi!  Welcome back to my daily blog!  Has anyone ever had a coach that you didn’t really like?  Well, not only me but my best friend, Carlos, is experiencing it right now.  The reason he is nicknamed Cutie is because he brings a cutie, the little oranges, for lunch everyday.  I thought he was pretty mellow, but instead, he was the strictest coach coach ever.  He was throwing the fastest pitches, probably at about 50 miles per hour, while the other coach was lobbing them at probable 12 miles per hour.  But I still really love baseball camp an I am definitely going to attend next year! 😀  Time for our book review!  The book series I will be reviewing today is The Series of Unfortunate Events.  This book is about how three siblings lose their home and their parents in a terrible fire and attempt to stay away from a terrible man named Count Olaf, but is difficult since he turns up wherever they go and tries to steal their parents fortune.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 10!  I love it very much and I really believe you should read this book!  Thank you so much for reading my blog!  Have a great day!  Good-bye!

6 thoughts on “COACH CUTIE

  1. Sounds like a tough baseball coach but tough coaches make great players! I like the nickname. Very cutie 🙂


  2. There may always be a coach or teacher that you don’t like. However, what can You do to still make the camp and experience enjoyable? Glad you’re enjoying baseball, now see how you can continue to make the whole experience enjoyable. 😉


  3. Was waiting for your blog today chatty Charles – sounds like you probably learned a lot from your coach though Charlie- auntie erin had done tough coaches too – ask her about her volleyball coach 😘


  4. I echo what everyone else said. The toughest coaches are the best and the ones you remember. Did you know the average pitch thrown in Major League Baseball is 90 miles per hour?


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