Hello!  How’s it going everyone?!  Who owns a cat?  Well, my sister and I want one but my dad is allergic to them.  But I feel like cats don’t really like me, they always run away from me when I attempt to pet them.  Cats are practically attached to our house.  They always run on the roofs or run on our trees.  This is going to be a really short blog since I need to go to bed.  Time for our daily book review!  The book I will be reviewing today is The Tale of Desperaux.  The tale of Desperaux is about a mouse who gets sentenced to the dungeons where all the rats live.  He tries to get back up to the castle so he can stay with the Princess Pea.  This book is about an 8.  I rated it an 8 because I had a very hard time pronouncing some of the other French names, but I still highly recommend it.  Thank you so much for reading this blog!  Sorry it was so short.  Bye everyone!

4 thoughts on “CATS

  1. Charlie , you seem to love all animals – cats has never been one of my favorites but kittens can be very cute – look forward to your blog tomorrow


  2. You would love my cat Moe. He’s so silly and loves to prank all the dogs that come visit me. He’s always the boss of the house


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