Hi you guys!  How are you guys doing?  Who has allergies?  Well, I have pretty bad ones.  In the spring, my eyes get red and I start sneezing a storm.  I hate my allergies and they usually last for about 2 weeks.  I get colds a lot and my nose gets as red as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  My noggin starts aching and at night it is even more difficult to fall asleep than usual.  I typically go through about 3 boxes of Kleenex a day if I catch a cold.  My father has almost the same exact allergies as me.  I hope my allergies go away soon, they are really starting to annoy me!  Welcome to our book review!  Today’s book series is Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  This series is about a kid that has normal life problems and channels them into a diary.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it is a 10!  I love this book because in general I just enjoy reading other people’s diaries.  I hope you guys all had a great day!  I will see ya’ll tomorrow!  Bye, bye!

4 thoughts on “ALLERGIES

  1. I used to have allergies when I was your age too. But eventually I grew out of them. Hopefully you will too! Keep up the great writing! We love reading your blog each night.


  2. Your allergies come from Papa Toño. They can be bad, but luckily if you take your meds they help to relieve the agitation. Your mother didn’t develop allergies until she was an adult (although she denies it) and now has to acknowledge the fact that the medicinal regime the Dr prescribed is the only thing that helps. That hacking cough at night? It’s not a seal by the bay – it’s your mother not taking her meds.


  3. I don’t have seasonal allergies but I am allergic to cats!! And I have a new allergy to tree nuts!! Who knew I could develop an allergy to cashew nuts that I have eaten all my life!! Charlie you writing is so engaging! Keep dreaming big!!


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