Hi!  How’s it going?  If you didn’t know, I have a lizard named Robin.  I got him on Christmas Eve as a present from my parents.  It’s an enormous blessing to have a lizard with such a personality.  He enjoys dancing to Christmas tunes and playing with Eliza’s Barbies.  But e hates loud noises, so when the fireworks go off for Fourth of July, he completely goes out of control.  He is also a mini taste tester, and he is not timid to yell out that he does not like his food.  One of his favorite foods are bok choy, meal worms, and wax worms.  He explores whenever he can and has a big temper.  When he really does not want to rest on my shoulder, he scratches my face, mostly on my face, but luckily it rarely hurts.  Robin also loves bathing in his hot tub and watching movies on our living room pillow.  I love him so much and am really lucky to have him in my life.  😀  Everybody knows what comes next.  Book review!  Today’s book series is the Wildwood Chronicles.  It’s about two seventh graders that enter a parallel universe with things they would never expect.  It is obviously a 10!  I love it so much!  I liked the parts where they met all the animals and they all talked with eachother.  I hope everybody had a good day!  Comment what I should write about tomorrow, I’ll appreciate it!  Bye everyone!

2 thoughts on “MY LIZARD

  1. You can write about questions you have, topics that affect the world, changes you would like to see, countries you are interested in. It has to be things that you’re interested in or that are important to you😉


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