Hello!  Welcome back to my blog!  I am in a play!  It’s called Honk!  Jr.  I am trying out for three lead roles.  One is the main character, Honk.  Next is the Cat who tries to eat Honk.  And finally is Drake, Honk’s dad.  Honk! Jr. is about a different duck that is born and is called ugly from everybody.  The Cat tries to cook him and eat him when he tricks him into going with him to lunch, when actually he was going to be lunch.  He escapes and becomes an elegant swan, when finally his parents find him.  Auditions are tomorrow and I’m really nervous because truth is, I’m a pretty bad singer.  So I’m not sure about this decision.  But anyways, I’m very proud to be a part of this production!  Book review!  Today’s book is… Jacky Ha-Ha.  Jacky Ha-Ha is a book about a girl that has to live in a house with 7 other sisters and gets one of the lead roles in a play (perfect for the theme) but doubts if she can do it.  She is also like a comedian, which explains the name.  It is a 10!  I love the part where she makes all the jokes and is in the play.  You should definitely read it!  What do you want me to write tomorrow? Comment down below!  😀  I hope everybody had a very fine day!  Good-bye!

7 thoughts on “HONK! Jr.

  1. I agree with mom – u will be great at whatever part I get !!!! Always love to see you in these productions- ❤️ Love momo


  2. Hi Chu
    I’m sure you’ll do extremely well. Good luck and break a leg. Whatever part you get will be terrific.
    Love you


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