Hello everybody!  How’s your day been going?  I love art!  My favorite type of art is anime and cartooning.  I extremely enjoy doing the eyes because there are so many different styles.  Our family friend, Denea, was painting the wall in the backyard and made a cool ocean wave design.  It was so amazing and she is definitely a true artist!  I don’t really like coloring.  I usually just like sketching random stuff I see.  I have an immense supply of drawing supplies that I get from my awesome family.  I’ve been taking art classes since I was 2, which really inspired me to admire art.  I love these art classes because they always teach me something new.  Art is definitely great and recommend everybody attempt to do some, even if your plane looks like a turtle!  😀 It’s time for our daily book review!  Today’s book is Jackson and Jenks, Master Magicians.  It’s about two boys who magically turn into master magicians.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 6.  It started off well, but then it just got really weird!  The characters also didn’t develop much.  Please comment what I should write about tomorrow!  Have a great day everybody!  Bye!

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