Hello!  Welcome back to my blog!  I don’t know if you guys knew, but I’m going to be a fourth grader!  Yeah, I know, it took forever.  I am pretty nervous, but luckily I didn’t get the teacher that the whole school fears.  Mr. Scamman.  I got the chill teacher, who isn’t as tough as Mr. Scamman.  I’m also nervous that my two best friends at school, Samuel and Marwan, will not be in the same class as me.  It happened last year with my two other friends, which made me quite left out.  All in all, I’m pretty excited to go back, though I will have to say goodbye to the beautiful summer.  It’s time for our daily book review!  I know you guys missed it yesterday, so I’m making it up today with one of the best kids series ever written.  The Magic Tree House series.  It’s about two children named Jack and Annie who travel through time in a magic tree house.  But usually, it’s to find something special for the magical librarian who built the tree house, Morgan.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 10!  I love all of their magical adventures and love the magic that always happens in the tree house.  I hope everybody had a great day!  I sure did!  Thanks so much for reading my blog!  Good-bye!

3 thoughts on “I’M A FOURTH GRADER!

  1. I can’t believe u r going into 4 th grade either Charlie – u r wise beyond your years – love your writing Charles ❤️


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