Hello!  Welcome back to my blog!  I love the Festival of Books!  It’s a festival for bookworms like me that occurs every April.  I consider it as a holiday.  I like it even more than Christmas!  My favorite author I’ve ever met was Mary Pope Osborne, the author of  The Magic Tree House series.  The food trucks there are also delicious!  Although I get full quite easily.  I love all the books there, except the ones for adults of course.  The Festival of Books is a great place to go, and I highly advise you go there.  Time for our daily book review!  The book series I shall be reviewing is the Captain Underpants series.  It’s about a super hero from two kids comic books that comes to life.  He has a low IQ but he still manages to get rid of those evil villains with hilarious names.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I mark it a 9.  I love all the crazy villains and the dumb stuff that Captain Underpants tends to say, it’s just that it’s slightly inappropriate.  Thanks so much for viewing my blog.  Sorry, the reason I didn’t get to write for two days was because I was extremely busy.  I promise I won’t take big breaks again for a while!  😀  Good-bye everyone!

3 thoughts on “THE FESTIVAL OF BOOKS!

  1. Auntie Jen and I love the Festival of Books too and almost never miss it. It’s right up your alley, Charlie. We look forward to your posts and are proud of you for all of the writing you’ve been doing this summer.


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