Hello!  How’s it going!  I love Washington D.C.!  It’s so enjoyable and fun!  One of my favorite places to visit there is Lincoln’s Cottage.  They give you a whole tour of the 16th presidents old cottage!  I also loved the White House (luckily I went there before You-Know-Who became president)!  Did you know that went I visited the iconic structure, Barack Obama was actually upstairs in the Oval Office!  The food there is also so savory!  I loved the pizza at the hotel we went to, that my Uncle Mark used to work at (he moved to CT, sadly)!  I love Washington D.C. and recommend ya’ll visit it at least once in your life!  It’s time for our daily book review!  The book I shall be reviewing today is Kid Authors.  Kid Authors is a book all about famous authors as kids.  It’s not exactly accurate but they do that on purpose, too make it more fun to read.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 10!  I love all the quite hilarious stories they have!  Thank you for reading my blog today!  Bye!


2 thoughts on “WASHINGTON D.C.!

  1. I love DC too and we had so much fun visiting with you last year. We should plan another trip soon! Keep up the entertaining writing!


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