Hello! Welcome back to my blog!  I’ve had the best weekend ever with my aunties!  First, we wen’t to Pinkberry and got delicious frozen yogurt.  Then AJ picked us up and we arrived at her apartment.  We were just hanging out and playing with the dogs for a bit before we ate Del Taco.  It was great.  After we took our showers, we snuggled up and watched a movie with the big box of popcorn that Momo and Papa gave us (thanks!).  We watched Show Dogs and everybody loved it, especially the dogs.  Then we went to sleep, me on the couch Eliza on the blow up bed beside me.  Then in the morning, we had a big feast that included crescent rolls, scrambled eggs, bacon, and fresh orange juice.  Then, we went to a football game, Rams vs Chargers, and we had a lot of good treats.  Sprite, shaved ice, chicken tenders.  The Rams won of course.  I had a great weekend with my aunties!  Now, it’s time for our weekly book review.  The book I shall be reviewing is Short.  It’s about a girl who is very short.  She is used to always looking up at people.  But then she joins a play called Wizard Of Oz and meets two very good friends.  After that, she enjoys life much better.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 10!  I love the girls perspective and the whole story line, really.  Thank you for reading my blog!  And thank you AJ and Auntie for giving me a fantastic weekend!  Good-bye!

5 thoughts on “MY WEEKEND!

  1. Hello, Chu! Welcome back to my comment. We absolutely enjoyed having you and your sister with us. We had a fantastic weekend too. We look forward to many more fun weekends to come. We will see you both soon. We love you both very much and hope you both have a fun-tasctic week.


  2. We had a great weekend with you and Eliza, Charlie! Thanks for being so great and sharing your weekend with us. We love having you guys here!!


  3. Hi Chu
    Sounds like a great weekend. You have two fantastic Aunties who love you and Eliza very much.
    Glad you had fun and enjoyed the popcorn.


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