Hello!  Welcome back to my blog!  Today I am talking about my beloved grandmother, Momo.  To start, she is the most attractive grandma I’ve ever seen.  On her best days she can look like she’s 20.  We love curling up together on the couch  and watch this incredible show called Once Upon Time.  We typically make some type of goodies when she comes over.  They’re always delicious.  Sometimes we draw together, Momo’s very picky about which video she likes.  Too fast, too slow, too hard.  But we eventually find one she enjoys.  I honestly believe Momo should be a fashion model, she’d be great at it.  I love her so much, and am so glad she’s my grandmother.  Oh, and I forgot, it’s her birthday!  Happy birthday Momo!  Now, it’s time for our weekly book review! The book I shall be reviewing is Who Was Alexander Hamilton.  As you can tell, it’s all about Alexander Hamilton.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 10.  I loved all the new facts I’ve learned about Alexander Hamilton.  Thank you so much for reading my blog!  Happy birthday Momo!  Good-bye!

6 thoughts on “MOMO!

  1. Oh Charlie u flattered me so much – I love you – thanks for the tribute – I read your blog to everybody in conn and they loved it 😘


  2. Hello, Chu! Welcome back to my comment. You are so lucky to have such a fantastic Momo. Aunties love you and we hope you had a great game today.


  3. Happy Birthday!! I love this post!! I agree I definitely think she should model!! Charlie I hope you are having an amazing school year! Love you!! Madi and Scott are always asking about you guys hopefully we can plan some fall festivities together!! But the 4 of you stay busy with all your sport schedules!


  4. Hi Chu
    You do have a fantastic grandma
    Maybe you and she could model together?
    I know that she loves you and Piglet more than just about anything.
    Keep up the great writing!!


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