Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog!  2018 is finally coming to an end, and there were so many great moments.  I have brought it back to just ten.  These are the best 10 moments for me of 2018.

Number 10: Big Bear.  In early February, I took a trip with some of my greatest friends to Big Bear.  I snowboarded, visited numerous chocolate shops, and it even snowed!

Number 9: Honk!  the Musical.  In the summer, I participated in a big show called Honk! the Musical.  I ended up getting a lead part, and I made tons of new friends!

Number 8:  World Series.  Before school began, I went to the World Series game, Red Sox vs. Dodgers.  It was so fun, and luckily, the Red Sox won!

Number 7:  Soccer.  I’ve been playing soccer for 7 years, and by far, this season has been my favorite.  I made the most goals on my team, and my coaches and teamates were amazing!

Number 6:  Birthday party.  My tenth birthday party was spectacular!  It was at a video game place and I played Fortnite for over two hours!

Number 5:  Catalina Island.  My aunts took me to Catalina Island for my birthday.  It was awesome!  I even got to ride in a big Jeep over the mountains and saw buffalo!

Number 4:  Great Wolf Lodge.  Later this year, I went to Great Wolf Lodge with my best friends.  We went on a great amount of water slides and had a blast!

Number 3:  Ed Sheeran concert.  Also in the summer, I went to an Ed Sheeran concert and stayed up until midnight!  I was singing and dancing so much, I almost wasn’t tired.

Number 2:  Festival of Books and Pizza.  In early 2018, I went to my favorite festivals, the Festival of Books and the Pizza Festival.  I got so many signatures on books and tried so many pizzas I thought I might be sick!

Number 1:  Christmas!  This Christmas was amazing!  I got scripts with actor’s signatures, Xbox giftcards, and even got a video camera!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!  See you next week!  Good bye!

P.S. I also went on the Rams footbal field, and it was an amazing experience!

3 thoughts on “10 BEST MOMENTS OF 2018

  1. Chu, it was so much fun to be with you for so many fun moments. Here is to a new year and new fun memories to make.


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